About Us

We are a new company that was created in response to the recent plastic bag ban referendum and our seeing the need for an alternative product for grocery shopping.  Thus the emergence of Cali-Kart, Inc. We are working hard to educate all consumers about the damages of not only single use plastic bags but now reusable plastic bags that are even more detrimental to our environment.

The Cali-Kart® reusable box is the next generation beyond plastic bags, it is a product designed for the earth conscious consumer that believes it is a choice to move away from petroleum products that are contaminating and harming our oceans and beaches. The Cali-Kart® is reducing the environmental impact of plastic every time it is used.

The Cali-Kart® reusable box directly replaces single-use and reusable plastic bags.  It is a shopping tool that keeps your purchases organized from the store, to your vehicle and into your space.  It provides both environmental value and great convenience to the consumer.

How our Business Began

Karen & Scott, business owners / operators, were watching a documentary called “Plastic Paradise”.  We were so shaken and upset by the environmental damages caused by plastic bags, that two weeks later, Cali-Kart, Inc. was formed.  We learned that since plastic is not biodegradable, it remains in the marine environment forever, breaking into smaller pieces that are toxic and ingested by our ecologically important wildlife; like sea turtles, fish, and marine birds – and then enters the food chain that we rely on and consume.

We are very pleased that the voters in California have once again passed the single use bag referendum Prop #67. We are encouraged as there are already 150 California cities and counties (nearly half the state) that have already banned plastic bags on their own.  As usual, what happens here in California sets a precedent for the nation.  We look forward to marketing Cali-Kart®  products across the nation regardless of plastic ban legislation.

What Does the Future Hold for Cali-Kart?

We are very happy to say that we have a new fully coated Cali-Kart® in production. This new “Cali-Gally” will be the answer to the cross contamination problem associated with reusable bags.  This reusable shopping tool will have all the benefits of the original
Cali-Kart®   and in addition, is fully coated so it can be wiped out with disinfectant should an unwanted spill occur.  It also has “gym bag grade” handles which will increases the gross weight to 45 pounds.  The first of our “Cali-Gally” edition will arrive the first week of January 2017.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Save Earth ~ Go Bagless!

Benefits of the Cali-Kart:

A reusable box that folds completely flat for easy storage.

  • It reduces the use of unnecessary single-use toxic plastic bags every time it is used.
  • Sturdy and stable, it will not fall over and damage groceries or fragile goods in your vehicle.
  • It packs tighter than using plastic or reusable bags. (1 Cali-Kart®  holds 4 to 5 single-use plastic bags worth of groceries).
  • Solid reinforced bottom keeps groceries from spilling and holds up to 30 pounds of goods.
  • The Cali-Kart®   holds up to a full case of wine (standing upright).
  • It has two side pockets – One to customize with art or picture, the other holds grocery lists, coupons or cell phone.
  • Cali-Kart®   organizes groceries neatly at the store and then you can unload easily into the pantry or refrigerator.
  • Easy to mail as a gifts because they are lightweight and weigh only 1.2 pounds.
  • Cali-Kart®   has two (2) sets of handles (Side handles for easy lifting and shoulder straps).
  • Great box for boating and travel. “Easy to load into a yacht” or use on the marina deck so groceries and goods do not spill over.
  • Great for college dorm students because it folds and is stored flat for tight quarters.
  • Great unit for small pets for car travel or sleep.
  • Simply said:  “A great organizational tool for a bunch of uses!”

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