2 Cali-Kart Wet-Use


Now $22 (before $30), save $8!

All Cali-Karts are now Water-Resistant (Not WET-Use) Ugly messes can be easily wiped away.

This is the Ultimate Cali-Kart Box. It folds flat like our “dry-use” box and also has a reinforced bottom.  This box is known as the “Cali-Gally” because we have provided beautiful photography on it to remind us of our oceans, but this Box is wrapped with a coating inside and out to provide a water resistant barrier that will allow it to easily be cleaned with a mild disinfectant.  This new clear coated design is the first of its kind, helping to eliminate cross contamination between produce and perishables. The number one concern reported from the bagless communities is cross-contamination, which Cali-Kart has addressed with this outstanding one of kind solution.  This box has web handles and is longer lasting.  It iss rated to hold up to 40 lbs. of goods and is ideal for all areas of grocery shopping, going to the beach or pool, picnics, travel, and more.

Dimensions 10”High x 14.5” Wide x 10” Deep

Material:  This reusable Box is made of 80 gsm Non-Woven COATED Polypropylene and Hard Structure.  Each side of the box has a see through pocket, so you can place your shopping list, coupons, or cell phone in it.

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